❤️ Red Heart


Love, Intimacy, Affection, Home, Warmth, I Love You, Fondness, I Miss You

❤️ Meaning: A red symbol of a heart. The color of this emoji remains constant on every platform, but the design and finish of the heart would vary.

The ❤️ Red Heart emoji signifies love; an intense level of love (not necessarily romantic) commitment, care, warmth, romance, and affection. It is the perfect emoji for peeps in love, dating, and married too. Its the sweetest heart to send among closely-knit families too.

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How and When to Use the ❤️ Red Heart Emoji

  • Send this emoji along with wishes or greetings to a close friend, family member, or even your boyfriend or girlfriend.
  • If you and your S.O are physically away from each other, send these hearts to brighten up their day and show them how much you love them.
  • Also, when a single red heart is sent on WhatsApp, it sends as a big, beating, red heart. Pretty cute.
  • This can also be used while wishing your special ones for Valentine’s Day (reminder, it’s not just a day for lovers. Its for all those beautiful people you love so much in your life).
  • This is the perfect emoji to send along with an “I love you” message.
  • You can also send this with an “I miss you” message.
  • This emoji is the perfect use in romantic contexts.

Other Names

  • ❤️ Love
  • ❤️ Affection
  • ❤️ Intimacy
  • ❤️ Family
  • ❤️ Care
  • ❤️ Warmth
  • ❤️ I Love You
  • ❤️ Love Heart
  • ❤️ Heart
  • ❤️ I Miss You
  • ❤️ True Love

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