™️ Trade Mark


Unregistered, Beginning, Brand, Logo, Unofficial, Local, Humbleness, Small Business

™️ Meaning: A pair of grey capitalized ‘T’ and ‘M’ placed next to each other. The ™️ Trade Mark emoji represents the pathway to being ®️ Registered. It signifies the stage of being unofficial, locally recognized, and yet in the making.

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How and When to Use the ™️ Trade Mark Emoji

  • As mentioned in the previous section, ™️ indicates a local brand. So, if you’re promoting a startup brand, an initiation, or even trying to buy an audience for a small business either you or someone you know started, you could tag this emoji in those contexts.
  • Speaking of small businesses, ™️ can be the emoji for the phrase and the ideology of “starting small”. For example, “The biggest mountains were only moved by picking the smallest rocks first ™️”.
  • Starting small, or starting something from scratch is not only an abundant source of knowledge and experience, but it’s also a sign of passion and humbleness. Like, “Branch out. But always be grateful to your roots. They help you stay grounded ™️”.
  • A brand is something that’s started as a statement, as something new, original, and unique. So, if you too are the kind to have those pair of ‘businessy’ eyes, you could use ™️ while talking about uniqueness and authenticity.
  • An example for the previous point – “Sure there are a million who do the same thing you do. But, only you have that unique spark, much like the other million unique sparks ™️”.

Other Names

  • ™️ Trade Mark Symbol
  • ™️ Unofficial Brand
  • ™️ Brand Logo/Branded
  • ™️ TM
  • ™️ Trade Mark Sign
  • ™️ Logo
  • ™️ Unregistered Logo/Brand