‼️ Double Exclamation


Double the Emotion, Higher Intensity, Support, Agreement, Increase, Twice, Two Times

‼️ Meaning: A pair of ❗ Red Exclamation Marks, shown with the exact color and design. The ‼️ Double Exclamation emoji signifies a doubled version of the emotions exclaimed by a single exclamation mark. Essentially signifying higher intensity of any emotion.

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How and When to Use the ‼️ Double Exclamation Emoji

  • While indicating news or any other subject that’s extreme with it’s emotion or emotional value, you could bring in ‼️. Like, “This organization aims to feed all the stray animals in town ‼️” or “Here’s someone who’s sure to make your day ‼️”.
  • Most times ‼️ is used independent of any sentence or phrase. In such cases, the interpretation of this emoji is dependent on the background. For example,
    My social media feed: “*a random photography video*”
    Me in the comments section: ‼️‼️‼️ (which could mean “Holy cow that’s amazing ‼️”, “That’s incredible ‼️”, or “I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT”).
  • This applies to textual conversations as well. For instance, if someone sends you something celebratory, you could reply with ‼️ as a way of saying “That’s awesome ‼️”.
  • As said previously, ‼️ could also be invited into the not-so-optimistic frameworks. For example,
    This page promotes animal cruelty! We ought to take it down”
    If you respond with ‼️ to this, it means you doubly support it.
  • The previous point implies that ‼️ innately suggests a double or two times the support, or the agreement for the given context.

Other Names

  • ‼️ Double Exclamation Symbol
  • ‼️ A Pair of Exclamation Marks
  • ‼️ Two Red Exclamation Marks
  • ‼️ Double the Exclamation
  • ‼️ Two Heavy Exclamation Marks in Red