☑️ Check Box With Check


Tick, Agree, Choose, Choices, Ballot Box, Checkmark, Approve, Instruction

☑️ Meaning: A grey checkbox with a heavy white checkmark. It is also shown with a blue background and a light-blue, grey, or white checkmark on some platforms.

The ☑️ Check Box With Check emoji generally suggests approval. Since this emoji is not a button, it may indicate ticking out boxes on paper or virtually and a larger interpretation of making choices.

Copy and paste this emoji:

How and When to Use the ☑️ Check Box With Check Emoji

  • If you’re sharing a poll, a virtual checklist, check-sheet, a survey, etc., ☑️ could be in the caption or any other textual format, for added clarity. For example, “Hey guys. This survey would take 5 mins of your time. Please tick the options you relate with the most ☑️”.
  • You could also use ☑️ while referring to an OMR sheet or an examination that requires ticking the correct choices.
  • Speaking of choices, if the context of your conversation or the post/repost you’re sharing surrounds ‘choice’, ☑️ may be useful. For instance, “Choices turn into magic ☑️” or “Your choices define your life ☑️. Be wise when you make ’em”.
  • While sharing a post/repost that has a couple of instructions or pointers to follow for different reasons in the caption, ☑️ can precede each of them. Like,
    Criteria for the giveaway:
    ☑️ Follow this account
    ☑️ Like at least 10 posts
    ☑️ Repost at least 8 of them
    Hello, folks! Make sure you follow my account for more content ☑️”.

Other Names

  • ☑️ Check Mark
  • ☑️ Tick Mark
  • ☑️ Ticking/Checking
  • ☑️ Checkbox
  • ☑️ Check Mark in a Box
  • ☑️ Checkbox With Checkmark
  • ☑️ Ballot Box With Check