🥺 Pleading Face


Aww, Being Cute, Puppy Eyes, Gratitude, Feeling Touched, Affection, Adoration, Warmth, Please Face

🥺 Meaning: A yellow face with frowned eyebrows and watery eyes with a small curve for a mouth. Inspired by anime cartoons and sketches, the eyes here depict affection, vulnerability, and a deep sense of love.

As the name suggests, the 🥺 Pleading Face emoji is the animated version of the phrase “Pretty please…”. It also substitutes the common phrases such as “Aww”, “So cute”, “Omg”, “So sad”, etc. Besides, this emoji surfaces a sense of gratefulness and warmth too.

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How and When to Use the 🥺 Pleading Face Emoji

  • If you’re texting a close family member or a friend for a favor and you need this one real bad, use this emoji as a way of pestering someone with puppy eyes.
  • This emoji can be used when you just witnessed something insanely cute, adorable, or even sad – like “aww, poor thing 🥺”.
  • Send this emoji if you’re trying to be dramatically cute.
  • If you’re feeling this sudden gush of gratitude to your loved one(s), send this emoji and tell them how grateful you are (or just call them).
  • Use this emoji as a reaction to something that deeply touched you.

Other Names

  • 🥺 Puppy Eyes
  • 🥺 Please Face
  • 🥺 Grateful
  • 🥺 Smitten
  • 🥺 Feeling Loved
  • 🥺 Begging
  • 🥺 Glossy Eyes
  • 🥺 Feeling Touched
  • 🥺 Simp
  • 🥺 Warmth
  • 🥺 Aww