⁉️ Exclamation Question Mark


Mixture, Interrobang, Amalgam of Emotions, Heightened Curiosity, Intenser, Interrogation, Excitement

⁉️ Meaning: A pair of a ❗ Red Exclamation Mark and a ❓ Red Question Mark, placed in the same order. Also known as the ‘Interrobang‘ The ⁉️ Exclamation Question Mark emoji signifies a heightened or intenser tone of interrogation or curiosity.

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How and When to Use the ⁉️ Exclamation Question Mark Emoji

  • If you’re extremely excited or angry while texting someone and questioning them about stuff, you could welcome ⁉️. For example, “Soooo how did it go ⁉️” or “Really? Really, man? I told you that ⁉️⁉️” (extra punctuation for extra emotion).
  • You could also use ⁉️ rhetorically in your social media post/story captions. For instance, “Is this the best game ever or what ⁉️” or “Ain’t she the cutest hooman alive ⁉️”.
  • Much like the ‘punctuation reply’ in the use-case of the red question mark (scroll up for reference), you can use ⁉️ while excitedly or ridiculously questioning someone. Like,
    You know I’m not really into you right?”
    Me: *after going out with this person for a month* ⁉️
    or “Really ⁉️”.
  • The previous point brings to the list the sarcastic side of ⁉️. As much as this emoji showcases a mixture of emotions, it could be a fantastic punctuation of sarcasm – “So. You’re not stupid anymore ⁉️”, “Wow. I had no clue at all ⁉️”, or “No shit, Sherlock ⁉️”.

Other Names

  • ⁉️ Red Exclamation Mark and Red Question Mark
  • ⁉️ Exclamation and Question Mark
  • ⁉️ A Pair of Exclamation and Interrogation Marks
  • ⁉️ Interrobang
  • ⁉️ Non-Standard Punctuation Mark (it is one)
  • ⁉️ An Exclamation Symbol and a Question Symbol