🔰 Japanese Symbol for Beginner


Learning, Beginning, Amateur, Process, Driving, Learning Curve, Practice

🔰 Meaning: A six-sided polygon designed as a downward arrow, with one vertical half of it painted yellow and the other, green, while defined entirely with a black outline.

The 🔰 Japanese Symbol for Beginner emoji represents the Shoshinsha mark, used in Japan to identify beginner drivers. This emoji signifies learning, beginning, practice, and the process towards a masterpiece.

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How and When to Use the 🔰 Japanese Symbol for Beginner Emoji

  • If you’re referring to ‘learning’ or a ‘learning curve’ in any context, you could use 🔰. For example, “Everything has its own learning curve 🔰. Don’t be so hard on yourself” or “We’re never fully learned, for learning is always and always will be a process 🔰”.
  • Apart from just learning to drive, 🔰 could be a generic symbol for an amateur! Like, “I recently started photography 🔰” or “I’m still an amateur artist 🔰. So, please be kind with your feedback”.
  • Famous lines such as ‘trusting the process‘, would definitely find 🔰 useful. For example, “The journey is the most important part 🔰” or “What’s the point of living if it’s all figured out? 🔰”.
  • Given the vibrance of 🔰 and it’s direction, this emoji is also put to work as a navigational emoji, not to forget it’s aesthetic weightage. Hence, you could use this emoji decoratively and for the sake of color code.

Other Names

  • 🔰 Shoshinsha Mark
  • 🔰 Beginner Driver
  • 🔰 Learner’s License
  • 🔰 Learning
  • 🔰 Beginner
  • 🔰 Amateur
  • 🔰 Yellow Green Shield