✔️ Check Mark


Agreement, Completion, Approval, Check, Scrutiny, Check-In/Out, Attend, Present

✔️ Meaning: A dark grey checkmark or a tick. The ✔️ Check Mark emoji generally signifies something that’s correct, right or an indication of completion, and evidence while cross-checking/verifying something. It is also shown in green, red, and blue sometimes.

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How and When to Use the ✔️ Check Mark Emoji

  • While referring to something that’s ‘done’ or something that’s right to do in any context, ✔️ could give that statement an elevated effect. For example, “Monday morning workout to shoo away those blues ✔️” or
    Tacos on Wednesday –
    Tacos on Tuesday – ✔️”
  • ‘Checking’ something essentially signifies both scrutiny and a sense of completion. Like, “Doggo grooming? “Check ✔️” or “Did you look for more clues to this puzzle?”Yes, sir ✔️”.
  • Since ✔️ suggests ‘completion’, you may bring this emoji into captions or text messages that involve instructional statements or demands that ought to be fulfilled. For example, ✔️ Repeat the same step twice” or “Send across at least two authentic images of yourself ✔️”.
  • You could also use ✔️ as a reference to ‘checking in/out’ of somewhere; physical places such as hotels or virtual places like social media platforms or even work portals – “Check-in is at 10 AM ✔️”.

Other Names

  • ✔️ Heavy Grey Check Mark
  • ✔️ Tick Mark
  • ✔️ Checking/Ticking
  • ✔️ Correct
  • ✔️ Right
  • ✔️ Heavy Check Mark
  • ✔️ Yes
  • ✔️ Done