➿ Double Curly Loop


Continuity, Series, Loops, Coils, Coily Hair, Voicemail Symbol, Tape Recorder, Telephone Wire

Meaning: A curled line, similar to the ➰ Curly Loop, but double the curl. The ➿ Double Curl Loop refers to anything that’s doubly curled/looped; a telephone wire, a coiled wire, coiled hair, etc. This emoji also acts as a symbol for ‘voicemail’.

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How and When to Use the ➿ Double Curly Loop Emoji

  • Philosophically, the single curly loop may suggest a point of intersection between a ‘high’ and a ‘low; some kind of oneness amongst the two. Similarly, ➿ would signify double the oneness, or a sense of continuity between these intersections.
  • Some examples for the previous point – “Nothing is permanent; both the good and the bad. It’s a journey of both ➿” or “This is just one, buddy. You’ll encounter so many highs and lows, it’s not even funny ➿”.
  • If you’re referring to something that’s coiled or coily, you could put ➿ to use. For example, “Check out my coils after using that amazing hair serum! ➿” or “Is your hair coily or kinky? ➿”.
  • ➿ placed repeatedly forms a series of loops or curls. Like, “What if, all of which is a loop, is actually a part of an entire series of the same? ➿” or “Sheesh. That project was a tragic series of only loopholes ➿”.

Other Names

  • ➿ Double Curls
  • ➿ Two Loops
  • ➿ Series of Loops/Curls
  • ➿ Double Curling Loop
  • ➿ Voicemail
  • ➿ Double Loopholes
  • ➿ Double Curling Loop
  • ➿ A Pair of Curls