®️ Registered


Recognition, Legal, Official Trademark, Credible, Trustworthy, Original, Recorded

®️ Meaning: A dark grey ‘R’ placed with a circular outline of the same shade of grey. The ®️ Registered emoji signifies recognition by an official source of anything. Symbolizing credibility, trustworthiness, and loyalty, this emoji is a logo for anything that’s legally recognized.

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How and When to Use the ®️ Registered Emoji

  • ®️ indicates legal recognition, something that recognized at a higher level. Thus, suggesting higher credibility and authenticity. If you’re using this perspective metaphorically, do bring in the ®️. For example, “While building credibility, you’re also building a benchmark ®️ Remember that“.
  • Higher recognition gives higher visibility too; more people know, see and follow you. ®️ may also become a symbol of fame. For instance, “Why all this recognition when you can’t recognize yourself? ®️”.
  • While sharing social media profile pages, links, articles, information, and any other such format of consumption that is legally and officially recognized, you may include ®️. Like, “This ain’t no BS, I checked ®️” or “They’re apparently certified ®️. Good we got those doubts cleared”.
  • The previous point essentially directs that ®️ might be the emoji-version of the ‘blue tick’ or the ‘verified’ symbol.
  • If you’re texting someone that your car finally got registered or if you registered yourself into a particular association, community, job space, any information of this sort, you may use ®️.

Other Names

  • ®️ Registered Trademark
  • ®️ Recognition
  • ®️ Legal Recognition
  • ®️ Registered Sign
  • ®️ R Symbol/Sign
  • ®️ Registered Trademark Symbol