⭕ Hollow Red Circle


Space, Emptiness, Void, Correction, Hooping, Hoop Art, Definition, Inescapability

Meaning: A heavy red circular outline empty at the center. The ⭕ Hollow Red Circle emoji has more than just one meaning given its vague design. However, some prominent interpretations are emptiness, a void, a hoop, a definition, and inescapability.

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How and When to Use the ⭕ Hollow Red Circle Emoji

  • Considering the unclaimed space at the center of ⭕, it could signify a void. So, if you’re speaking of this emptiness in any context, this emoji may be of use. Like, “We become aware of the void as we fill it ⭕” or “You lack nothing. You are whole just the way you are”.
  • ⭕ may even symbolize a fiery outline or something that’s bordered with fire, thus rendering anything in between inescapable and caged. For instance, “Death is inevitable ⭕” or “Life is inescapable until you choose to escape it ⭕”.
  • Throwing back to schooling and the horrendous sight of red circles around nauseating spellings and use of words, ⭕ may even interpret as a correction or the need to correct. For example, “Mistakes are the most valuable tools to growth ⭕” or “Correct your thoughts first ⭕”.
  • While posting or reposting pictures/videos of hooping, creating hoop jewelry, making hoop art in any form, and basically, anything to do with a hoop, you could use ⭕ in the caption.

Other Names

  • ⭕ Heavy Red Circle
  • ⭕ Red Circular Outline
  • ⭕ Defining Circle
  • ⭕ Hoop/Hooping
  • ⭕ Space/Empty/Void
  • ⭕ Correct
  • ⭕ Circle Mark
  • ⭕ Correct
  • ⭕ Correction
  • ⭕ Manual Spell Check