😭 Loudly Crying Face


Uncontrollably Crying, Tears, Weeping, Sadness, Hurt, Bawling, Terrified, Dread

😭 Meaning: A yellow face with furrowed eyebrows, tightly shut eyes and two streams of flowing tears from each of the eyes. The mouth here is an open ‘O’ with only the top teeth visible.

The 😭 Loudly Crying Face emoji signifies a deep sense of sadness, loss, grief, fear, and anxiety. It denotes an uncontrollable emotion of sobs and tears in the face of an unfortunate event; a full-blown reaction to heartbreak.

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How and When to Use the 😭 Loudly Crying Face Emoji

  • If you just witnessed something incredibly sad, use this as an emoji in that context.
  • Send this emoji when you’re telling your close ones about something terrible that happened.
  • If you’re telling someone about something dreadful that you’re feeling very restless about, use this emoji to add character to that emotion while sharing it virtually.
  • Use this emoji while telling someone that you miss someone or something so much that something within you aches.
  • This emoji basically fits into any hurtful, painful and agonising context.

Other Names

  • 😭 Sad
  • 😭 Grieving
  • 😭 Terrified
  • 😭 Weeping
  • 😭 Uncontrollably Sobbing
  • 😭 Pain
  • 😭 Hurt
  • 😭 Bawling
  • 😭 Sad Tears
  • 😭 Crying
  • 😭 Cruel

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