〽️ Part Alternation Mark


Japanese, Tradition, Music, Vocals, Singing, Beginning, Cue, Symbol, Punctuation

〽️ Meaning: A yellow ‘M’ like symbol characterized with shorter beginning and mid strokes and a downwardly extending final stroke. This symbol is highlighted with a dark outline.

The 〽️ Part Alternation Mark emoji is more than just a stylized ‘M’. It could signify a logo, apart from representing the Japanese symbolic jargon for the beginning of a vocal section in its cultural and traditional music.

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How and When to Use the 〽️ Part Alternation Mark Emoji

  • ‘Vocals’ could mean a lot of things. If you’re talking about the ‘part’ when one starts speaking or voicing out themselves, then too, you could use 〽️. Like, “Enough of this silence. It’s time we raise a revolution 〽️”.
  • Much like a cue for a singer to begin his/her singing, 〽️ may also signify the ‘beginning’ of something. For example, “Throwback to the moment my life stepped into a whole new phase of bliss 〽️”,
  • However, 〽️ would have more character if that ‘something’ mentioned in the previous point involves vocalization in any form. For instance, “That was the first time I ever spoke about how I felt 〽️ and I realized, not many are worth that space“.
  • Given its ‘brand logo’ properties, you could use 〽️ as a way of ‘branding’ something’. It could be an inclusion to your social media profile name, to your status, or even as a way of saying, “This is OURS and ours alone 〽️”.

Other Names

  • 〽️ Part Alternation
  • 〽️ Vocals
  • 〽️ Japanese Musical Punctuation
  • 〽️ M
  • 〽️ Yellow M
  • 〽️ Mc Donald’s
  • 〽️ Traditional Japanese Music Symbol
  • 〽️ Start Singing