😂 Face With Tears of Joy


Laughing, Tears, Joy, LOL, Funny, Happiness

😂 Meaning: The face with tears of joy emoji is a yellow face emoji with a broad grin and squished-in eyes with tears flowing out. This emoji carries a dual significance; one is the emoji itself and the other is its name.

The design of the emoji makes it the perfect way to respond to something funny, whereas the name of the emoji makes it seem like an emoji for happy and proud moments – ‘with tears of joy’. Nonetheless, this emoji is mostly, universally used to signify laughter.

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How and When to Use 😂 Face With Tears of Joy Emoji

  • When someone sends you something and you just laughed out loud, you can send this emoji as a LOL signal.
  • When you are sending something, give a funny hint to the receiver so that they don’t toss the image/video away.

Other Names

  • 😂 The Face Of Joy
  • 😂 Tears Of Happiness
  • 😂 Tearing Up While Laughing
  • 😂 Happy Face