❎ Cross Mark Button


Negative Marking, Unrecommended, Button, Pressable, Variant, Unhelpful

Meaning: A green square box similar to the one in the ✅ Check Mark Button, characterized with an ‘X’ mark in white on the top surface.

The ❎ Cross Mark Button emoji represents a negative pressable button. This emoji may signify a ‘negative marking’ or a negative point.

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How and When to Use the ❎ Cross Mark Button Emoji

  • ❎ is the opposite of the checkmark button, but it is green as well; contradicting the common perception of ‘green’ to be ‘right’. Hence, ❎ would suggest something that’s essentially a variant of ✅.
  • Some examples for the previous example could be – “That’s the thing, right? There is no right or wrong ✅ ❎ when it comes to growth” or “Wrong is subjective What’s punishable to you is redeeming to me”.
  • Since ❎ is not something that’s wrong but something that’s subjectively unrecommended, you may use it while referring to a deviation.
  • To make the previous point clearer, here are a few examples – “For the long run, I’d suggest organic traffic over paid traffic” or
    “✅ Morning workout routine
    Evening workout routine”
  • Besides, if you wish to maintain the positive vibe of a post/repost or the colour code, you could use ❎ as a reference to something that’s not offered, included, or generally supported in any way. Like, “❎ No meat served” or
    “✅ Organic clothing
    Animal-based clothing”

Other Names

  • ❎ ‘X’ Mark Green Button
  • ❎ Cross Mark Green Button
  • ❎ Green ‘X’ Button
  • ❎ Cross Button
  • ❎ X Button
  • ❎ Negative Squared Button
  • ❎ X Mark