🔚 END Arrow


The End, Back, Finishing, Death, Dead End, Conclusion, Completion, Homeward

🔚 Meaning: An emoji very similar to the 🔙 BACK Arrow, in design, but shown with the letters ‘E’, ‘N’ and ‘D’ in the place of the former initials. The 🔚 END Arrow has a different twist to it. It could symbolize the beginning to the end or even a ‘dead end’.

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How and When to Use the 🔚 END Arrow Emoji

  • If your post caption goes along the lines of ‘hitting a dead end’ or if you’re sending an optimistic text of ‘looking at the bright side’, you can use 🔚. Like, “I hit a dead end 🔚. But guess what? It turned my entire life around!” or “This is just a sign for you to change your route 🔚”.
  • Apart from just the ‘end’ specifically, 🔚 could be used to refer to the ‘Exit’ or a way of getting out as well. For example, “Every exit is the entry to somewhere else 🔚”.
  • Based on the interpretations picked up from the ↩ī¸ Right Arrow Curving Left, this direction essentially signifies the ‘hometown’ or a sense of ‘going back to one’s roots’. From the same perspective 🔚 could be understood both positively and negatively.
  • A few examples for the previous use-case: “When I die, I wish to go back to where I came from 🔚”, “The beginning is the end in my case 🔚”, or “I’m going back to finish what I started 🔚”.
  • Like, the BACK arrow, 🔚 too can be used to replace the exact word in a sentence. For instance, “The 🔚 is here for us, buddy” or “The 🔚 might just be the beginning!”.

Other Names

  • 🔚 Dead End
  • 🔚 Exit
  • 🔚 Beginning to the End
  • 🔚 End
  • 🔚 End Arrow
  • 🔚 End With Leftwards Arrow Above
  • 🔚 To The End
  • 🔚 End of the Line/Arrow