↕️ Up-Down Arrow


Both Ways, Up and Down, Vertical, Expansion, Increment, Height, Length

↕️ Meaning: A short but thick white vertical line with an ⬆️ Upward and a ⬇️ Downward arrowhead at the top and bottom respectively. The ↕️ Up-Down Arrow emoji indicates height, length, and vertical spacing in any context. It could also suggest ‘both worlds’.

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How and When to Use the ↕️ Up-Down Arrow Emoji

  • An up-down arrow could suggest a sense of ‘opening’ or revealing something since the direction of both ends seems to indicate increasing direction. For instance, “The grand opening! ↕️” or “Divine and human energies will open to show you your path ↕️”.
  • If you’re sharing a lengthy article, a portrait, a vertical image/vertical video, or just a post about a ‘vertical shower’, anything that’s lengthy and stretched out ‘height’ wise, you can use ↕️ in the caption.
  • Some instances of the previous use-case: “Here’s my article. Mind you, it’s a slightly longer read ↕️” or “I love vertical showers ↕️ Too bad I’m too poor to afford that kinda luxury ↕️”
  • ↕️ could be used while determining the ‘aspect ratio’ too.
  • If you’re sharing a thumbnail, a link, or an article that can be further expanded, you could bring in ↕️ to inform your audience/readers of such an expansion. Like “Click here to expand the story ↕️”.

Other Names

  • ↕️ Top and Down Arrow
  • ↕️ Arrow With Up-Down Arrowheads
  • ↕️ Expansion
  • ↕️ Vertical Image/Video
  • ↕️ Verticality
  • ↕️ Vertical Arrows
  • ↕️ Aspect Ratio
  • ↕️ Increasing Height/Length