⬇️ Down Arrow


Downward, Below, Decrease, Download, Bring Down, Fall, Reduction

⬇️ Meaning: A thick and short white arrow pointing downwards with the background of a blue square. The ⬇️ Down Arrow emoji represents downward motion, heading down, a downfall, and something that’s not positively uplifting.

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How and When to Use the ⬇️ Down Arrow Emoji

  • While sharing a post/repost or even a text message, the essence of both being negativity or even empowerment, you can use ⬇️. For example, “Nothing can bring you down ⬇️” or “Congratulations! You’re officially the sole proprietor of a massive vibe-kill ⬇️”.
  • ⬇️ is also an icon for ‘downloads’, ‘downloading’, or even ‘downloadable’ content. If you’re sharing something like that via links, PDFs, letters, etc., you can use ⬇️ to suggest downloadability. Like, “Store this file ⬇️” or “Click here to download the video ⬇️”.
  • If you’re indicating a decrease or a reduction in any context, use ⬇️. For instance, “Here are a few reasons why your inner energy is hitting a new low ⬇️” or “There’s been a reduction in our incoming mails! ⬇️”.
  • If you’re requesting your audience to click the link below, to examine the picture below or anything that’s below a preceding spread of content, you can use ⬇️.

Other Names

  • ⬇️ Downward Motion/Movement
  • ⬇️ Downward Facing Arrow
  • ⬇️ Down
  • ⬇️ Below
  • ⬇️ Download/Downloading
  • ⬇️ Decrease Arrow
  • ⬇️ Bring Down
  • ⬇️ Fall/Falling