↘️ Down-Right Arrow


Diagonal, Downward, South East, Falling, Regressing, Direction, Navigation

↘️ Meaning: A downward arrow within a blue box-like structure blunted at the corners, pointing to the right in the same direction. The ↘️ Down-Right Arrow emoji indicates the south-east geographic direction apart from a tangential low.

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How and When to Use the ↘️ Down-Right Arrow Emoji

  • ↘️ could symbolize something or someone who’s headed for a steep low. If you’re texting someone, sharing a post with a caption or even a social media story resonating with the same, use this emoji. Like, “Idk about you, but I don’t think this would be progressive for both of us ↘️”.
  • You could use ↘️ even while talking about regression, or a sense of coming down from a short-lived high (or a long-lasting one). For example, “I’m a strong believer of regressing to the mean ↘️” or “If not anything, just don’t regress back to the same place you fled ↘️”.
  • If you’re sharing a post or a repost on the ‘downfall’ or just a ‘fall’ of something or someone, then too, ↘️ could come in handy. For instance, “After two years of unaccounted power, he has fallen ↘️”.
  • Speaking of being ‘fallen’, ↘️ can be used metaphorically or idiomatically too – “A fallen angel sketch for the first time! ↘️”.

Other Names

  • ↘️ South East
  • ↘️ Falling/Fallen/Fall
  • ↘️ Downward
  • ↘️ Regress/Regression/Regressing
  • ↘️ Downward Right Pointing Arrow
  • ↘️ Diagonal Down-Right Arrow
  • ↘️ Diagonally Downward Arrow