↙️ Down-Left Arrow


South West, Downward, Subscribe, Incoming, Descending, Direction, Navigation

↙️ Meaning: A thick and short white arrow pointing to the bottom left corner of a faded blue box designed with rounded corners. The ↙️ Down-Left Arrow emoji represents the south-west of directions, apart from generally indicating navigation and the ease of locating.

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How and When to Use the ↙️ Down-Left Arrow Emoji

  • ↙️ maybe a sign of anything that’s incoming, literally and metaphorically. For instance, “Send us your inquiries here ↙️” or “There are thousands of blessings coming your way ↙️ All you need to do is recognize them”.
  • Since ↙️ is a downward arrow, it could signify negation or reduction, but in style. Like, “10 points down for y’all! ↙️” or “My marks were seeing a steep descent ↙️ but my aims weren’t”.
  • If you’re talking about the ‘south-western’ rains, snow, showers, anything climatic, then too, you can bring in ↙️.
  • Generally, while pointing in the direction of a clickable link, a downloadable file, or even the ‘subscription’ button, you can use ↙️. For example, “Click here to subscribe! ↙️” or “If you wish to know more, tap the icon on the bottom left ↙️”.

Other Names

  • ↙️ Bottom Left
  • ↙️ South-West
  • ↙️ Downward Left Arrow
  • ↙️ Down-Left Direction
  • ↙️ South-Western Direction
  • ↙️ Diagonal Down-Left Arrow
  • ↙️ South-West Arrow