🔙 BACK Arrow


Nostalgia, The Past, Memories, Revive, Backward, Regress, Throwback

🔙 Meaning: A ⬅️ Left Arrow with the capital letters ‘B’, ‘A’, ‘C’ and ‘K’ printed in white below the arrow. This entire composition sits within a blue square that’s rounded at the corners.

The 🔙 BACK Arrow emoji suggests going back or heading back, as the name suggests. Apart from popularly being used in ‘Throwback’ scenarios, it also signifies the ‘past’, ‘memories’, and an overall imagery of nostalgia.

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How and When to Use the 🔙 BACK Arrow Emoji

  • Since 🔙 is quite obvious with its significance and use-case unlike the quirky usage in the ➡️ Right Arrow, it could be brought in as an emoji coverup for the word, ‘back. For example, “🔙 to the future“, “🔙 at it once again!“, or “I watched your back, you scraped it, nice 🔙”.
  • While sharing nostalgic pictures from years ago, a post/repost that’s about the past in some way, or even a text message talking about those times, you can use 🔙 in all those contexts.
  • Speaking of nostalgia, 🔙 could also be used in the framework of some not-so-happy past memories from a healing, growth, and positive perspective of course. For instance, “You’ve got to build on the past 🔙” or “Don’t regret the past 🔙. Without it, you’d not be the masterpiece you are right now”.
  • Besides, if you’re sharing a post or repost of ‘bringing back a trend’ or even a text message to a close someone resonating with the same, you could bring the 🔙. Like, “Let’s bring back the 90’s fashion! 🔙” or “Here’s a glimpse of me bringing back my gran’s traditions 🔙”.

Other Names

  • 🔙 Throwback
  • 🔙 Go Back
  • 🔙 Backward
  • 🔙 The Past
  • 🔙 Nostalgia
  • 🔙 Back
  • 🔙 Back Arrow
  • 🔙 Bring Back