↪️ Left Arrow Curving Right


Email Forward, Forwarding, Sharing, Spreading, Return, Drawn Towards, Left U Turn

↪️Meaning: A ⬅️ Left arrow, stretched out at the arrowhead and downwardly curved in a rightward direction. The ↪️ Left Arrow Curving Right emoji could be a reference to the ‘Forward’ button, apart from suggesting a sense of ‘returning’ of ‘heading back’ to a new space.

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How and When to Use the ↪️ Left Arrow Curving Right Emoji

  • If you’re indicating your readers/audience to ‘pass on’ a message or forward it, in other words, bring in ↪️. Like, “Spread the message ↪️”.
  • Since ↪️ represents ‘forwarding’ replies, emails, text messages, etc., it could also be used metaphorically. For instance, “What’s the point in hoarding so much wisdom but sharing none? ↪️” or “You must inculcate that habit of giving what you have ↪️”.
  • ↪️ symbolizes a ‘U’ turn, the kind one would take to head back or return to a foreign/new/newly discovered place literally and metaphorically (not a hometown, like the ↩️ Right Arrow Curving Left).
  • A few examples supporting the previous use-case are: “If you ever receive the grace to realize what’s yours, return to it ↪️” or “This is a new path that I’ve discovered. It’s amazing how it keeps drawing me back to it ↪️”.

Other Names

  • ↪️ Right ‘U’ Turn
  • ↪️ Rightward Curve
  • ↪️ Email Forward
  • ↪️ Forwarding
  • ↪️ Right Curved Arrow
  • ↪️ Rightwards Arrow With Hook