➡️ Right Arrow


Right Direction, Pointing Right, Log In, Sign In, Eastward, Take a Right, Navigation

➡️ Meaning: A short and thick white arrow facing the right in a blue boxed structure. The ➡️ Right Arrow emoji points towards the right direction or in other words, ‘to the right’. It may also indicate the east/eastern location.

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How and When to Use the ➡️ Right Arrow Emoji

  • If you’re the quirky kind, you could use ➡️ while talking about the ‘right’ way, direction, path, course, etc., in a post caption, a social media story, a text message, anywhere.
  • Some brilliant examples for the previous use-case: “Anything that fills your heart with peace is definitely the ➡️ way to do things”, “Nothing’s left if you can’t make things ➡️”, or “Making the ➡️ decisions is not always easy. You’ve got to trust your gut sometimes”.
  • From a navigational perspective, ➡️ would be helpful while pointing towards a specific direction; if you’re sharing a clickable link, a CTA, etc, you could precede it with this emoji. For example, “Click here ➡️”.
  • ➡️ is a popular symbol of ‘logging in’ or ‘signing in’. Hence, while asking your audience to first log into their account or your website, etc, you may use ➡️. Like, “Log onto our website to know more ➡️”.

Other Names

  • ➡️ Right Direction
  • ➡️ East/Eastern
  • ➡️ Login/Sign In
  • ➡️ Arrow Pointing Right
  • ➡️ Right Arrow
  • ➡️ Right Pointing Arrow
  • ➡️ Go Right