↔️ Left-Right Arrow


Horizontal, Expansion, Width, Stretch, Sideways, West and East, Wide Angle

↔️ Meaning: A short and thick white horizontal line with a ⬅️ Left and a ➡️ Right arrowhead on both ends. The entire arrow is placed within a blue square box that’s blunt at the corners.

The ↔️ Left-Right Arrow emoji essentially signifies horizontal expansion. Apart from a dilemma at ‘crossroads’, it could symbolize ‘both ways’, which can be translated as east-west directions too.

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How and When to Use the ↔️ Left-Right Arrow Emoji

  • If you’re talking about ‘expansion’ or ‘expanding’ in any given context, you may use ↔️. For instance, “You got to start thinking of expanding your business ↔️” or “It’s not easy to expand as a company at the beginning ↔️. But, it’s bound to get easier over time”.
  • If you’re referring to a business, an entrepreneur, a company, or even a small business that reached ‘far and wide’ with their products, use ↔️. This applies to anything and anyone with that kind of reach/audience.
  • Some instances of the previous point: “Her impact was so powerful, that she had thousands of followers from the west and the east ↔️” or “They began with minimal, almost nil resources. Today, they’re known nationwide ↔️”.
  • Speaking of ‘far and wide’, ↔️ signifies width. If you’re using this reference in a fashion/clothing context, photography, videography, or in any other framework, ↔️ would come in handy.

Other Names

  • ↔️ Wide
  • ↔️ Wide Angle
  • ↔️ Width
  • ↔️ West-East
  • ↔️ Both Sides
  • ↔️ Horizontal Expansion
  • ↔️ Horizontal Arrows
  • ↔️ Left-Right Direction
  • ↔️ Sideways Arrow