↩️ Right Arrow Curving Left


Left U Turn, Redo, Undo, Back, Hometown, Home, Reply, Retweet, Reposting

↩️ Meaning: A ➡️ Right Arrow bent and extended at the arrowhead, forming a clean ‘U’ turn towards the left. The ↩️ Right Arrow Curving Left emoji represents the ‘undo’ button or the ‘Reply’ sign on the digital front. It could also suggest a ‘left U-turn’ from a traffic/route perspective.

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How and When to Use the ↩️ Right Arrow Curving Left Emoji

  • While sharing thoughtful quotes, pictures/videos with such quotes in the caption, or even a text message conveying the same, you can use ↩️. For instance, “It’s never too late to undo who you had become ↩️” or “That’s the thing. You cannot undo the bigger decisions in life ↩️”.
  • Taking a ‘U’ turn from the initial course may suggest going back for something or a sense of ‘going back to square 1’ too. So, if you encounter such contexts on any platform, feel free to use ↩️.
  • Some examples for the previous use-case: “I really wish you to go back for that file ↩️”, “Ugh. It’s all back to square one now or what ↩️” or “Get back to your roots to understand where you’re from! ↩️”.
  • Speaking of ‘going back’ to one’s roots, ↩️ could also signify home, one’s hometown, or even playing from/at home from a sports POV.
  • ↩️ could symbolize ‘reposts’, ‘resharing’, and ‘retweeting’ too

Other Names

  • ↩️ Undo
  • ↩️ Redo
  • ↩️ Left ‘U’ Turn
  • ↩️ Reply
  • ↩️ Email Reply
  • ↩️ Left Curved Arrow
  • ↩️ Leftwards Arrow With Hook
  • ↩️ Reply to All
  • ↩️ Head Back
  • ↩️ Square One