⤴️ Right Arrow Curving Up


Minimal, Decisions, Choices, Slight Turn, Upwards, Betterment, Positive Change, Improvement

⤴️ Meaning: A ➡️ Right Arrow stopped in its course and curved upwards, forming a slightly hooked upward right arrow.

The ⤴️ Right Arrow Curving Up emoji basically suggests a slight curve in the upcoming road/route, which could signify essentiality in reaching one’s destination.

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How and When to Use the ⤴️ Right Arrow Curving Up Emoji

  • The curve in ⤴️ is very minimal, almost ignorable. But, the route it follows would vary largely. So, if you’re referring to such ‘minimal’ decisions and choices, that could have a massive impact, use ⤴️.
  • Some instances for the previous point – “It’s the little choices you make each day that mold your future ⤴️” or “I mistook a tiny curve and landed myself in the worst place ⤴️”.
  • ⤴️ could also symbolize a sense of moving on to better things after a small curve or a rough patch. For example, “That was just a month long patch. We’re back at it, stronger ⤴️”.
  • Given that ⤴️ is moving ‘upwards’, this emoji could suggest positive change or even a positive learning curve. Like, “Don’t worry, mate. It’s the biggest change in your life happening in the smallest ways ⤴️”.

Other Names

  • ⤴️ Upward Curved Right Arrow
  • ⤴️ Right Arrow Curved Upwards
  • ⤴️ Right Arrow Curving Upwards
  • ⤴️ Slight Curve on the Road
  • ⤴️ Arrow Pointing Rightwards Then Curving Upwards
  • ⤴️ Slight Right Turn
  • ⤴️ Curved Right Turn