⤵️ Right Arrow Curving Down


Downturn, Downtown, Downward, Unfavourability, Path, Route, Immediacy

⤵️ Meaning: A curved right arrow similar to the ⤴️ Right Arrow Curving Up, but curving downwards this time. The ⤵️ Right Arrow Curving Down emoji may suggest a downward route/path, literally and metaphorically.

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How and When to Use the ⤵️ Right Arrow Curving Down Emoji

  • A ➡️ Right heading arrow that changed its course and curved downward may suggest an unfavorable change or even a teeny tiny curve that eventually led to an unpleasant place and situation.
  • Some examples for the previous point: “I was so unstable, I took the right turn two roads before home and landed at my ex’s place, yikes ⤵️” or “It all goes back to that one day when I made that one mistake, that got me stuck in this hell⤵️”.
  • You could use ⤵️ even while talking about ‘putting someone down’ or belittling, from a personal and general POV. Like, “Being enlightened does not give you the authority to belittle someone else’s spiritual journey to the same place ⤵️” or “Please put down thy phone and raise up thy life ⤵️”.
  • If you’re sharing a post or repost informing or requesting your audience to log in now or check it out now, you may use ⤵️, as it indicates the gesture of saying 👇 Right Now!.

Other Names

  • ⤵️ Downward Curving Right Arrow
  • ⤵️ Curved Down Arrow
  • ⤵️ Right Arrow Curving Down
  • ⤵️ Curving Downwards
  • ⤵️ Right Arrow Taking a Down Turn
  • ⤵️ Downwardly Curved Right Turn