⬅️ Left Arrow


West, Left Turn, Backspace, Delete, Reversible, Opposite, Other Way

⬅️ Meaning: A white arrow, short and thick in design, pointing to the left within a blue square that’s been blunted out at the edges. The ⬅️ Left Arrow emoji indicates the ‘left’ direction, as the name suggests, and the ‘West’ in a navigational compass.

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How and When to Use the ⬅️ Left Arrow Emoji

  • More often than not, ⬅️ is interpreted as ‘backspace’ in the digital world. Hence, this emoji would suggest something that’s deletable and reversible in a sense.
  • Some instances for the previous point: “Make mistakes while you still can ⬅️”, “It’s not every time that you have the grace of undoing your terrible things ⬅️”, or “I’ve deleted so many contacts on my cell ⬅️”.
  • Like the ‘digital world’, there’s another sub-space; social media. From this perspective, ⬅️ could suggest a ‘throwback’ as well, like TBT (Throwback Thursday), etc. So, while sharing some throwback memories on your social media handle or otherwise, you can use ⬅️.
  • You could use ⬅️ even while signifying suggesting ‘the opposite’ of something or the ‘other way around’. For example, “You’d have to get to it the other way around ⬅️” or “Try all possibilities. Sometimes the solution lies in the route we fail to rationalize ⬅️”.

Other Names

  • ⬅️ Backspace
  • ⬅️ Delete
  • ⬅️ Left Turn
  • ⬅️ West/Western
  • ⬅️ Arrow Pointing Left
  • ⬅️ Left Pointing Arrow