🔝 TOP Arrow


Top Side, Correct Way, Upside, Growth, Epitome, Achievement, Competition, Results

🔝 Meaning: A black ⬆️ Up Arrow characterized with the word ‘TOP’ in black capital letters below this short and upward arrow. The 🔝 TOP Arrow emoji indicates going higher, being at the top, or just the ‘topside’ or the upper side/layer of something.

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How and When to Use the 🔝 TOP Arrow Emoji

  • In reality or the physical world, 🔝 suggests the upper side of a package. Hence, if you’re referring to this side in a metaphorical or a literal context, you can use this emoji.
  • Some examples for the previous use-case: “Truth is, you know a person only after the 🔝 layer fades off” or “In life, nothing’s prescribed with the ‘topside’ or the right side, you’ve got to figure that out 🔝”.
  • If you’re sharing an inspirational repost or a post of personal empowerment, you can use 🔝. For instance, “She’s the perfect example of never backing down! A queen always knows her place 🔝”. “I was dragged to the dust, but I’m back at the top! 🔝”.
  • Similarly, you can use 🔝 even while reminding someone of their place. Like, “Be the bigger person and always know your worth 🔝” or “If you want to compete, compete with yourself 🔝 That makes you badass“.
  • While sharing sports results, or the results of any competition, including politics, you could use 🔝. For example, “And for the fourth time, incompetence prevails! 🔝”.

Other Names

  • 🔝 Top Side
  • 🔝 Top/Upper Layer
  • 🔝 Correct Way
  • 🔝 Top Arrow
  • 🔝 TOP
  • 🔝 To the Top
  • 🔝 At the Top
  • 🔝 Highest
  • 🔝 Pinnacle
  • 🔝 Growth