🔛 ON! Arrow


Excitement, Equal, Competition, Both Parties, Switched On, Live, On Air, Broadcast

🔛 Meaning: A show and thick horizontal black line equipped with the ⬅️ Left and ➡️ Right arrowheads on the respective sides shown with the letters ‘O’ and ‘N’ along with an exclamation (!) below the arrow.

The 🔛 ON! Arrow emoji could suggest the initiation of something exciting, given the exclamation mark; like a match, an award show, or even a cut-throat championship/battle. This emoji may even symbolize a switch, indicating that the power is ON!

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How and When to Use the 🔛 ON! Arrow Emoji

  • Based on the exclamatory ‘ON’ placed right at the midpoint of the ↔️ Left-Right Arrow, 🔛 would signify equal competition, excitement, or even sportsmanship from ‘both sides’ or ‘both ‘ends’.
  • Some instances for the previous point: “It’s a full-fledged war between my procrastinating side and my diligent side! 🔛” or “Both parties are up for it! 🔛 It’s only a matter of time before we witness the magic“.
  • If you’re playfully texting someone to fight you or to ‘bring it on’, well, 🔛 is your companion. For example, “This debate is SO ON 🔛” or even, “How about you beat me in one single match? The battleship is 🔛”.
  • While sharing a post or a repost of a program, podcast, or even the link to an article that’s freshly live, drag the 🔛 into the caption. Like, “Going live in 3, 2, 1 🔛” or “The podcast is just up, guys! 🔛 Check it out!”.

Other Names

  • 🔛 Switched On
  • 🔛 On Both Sides
  • 🔛 The Battle is On!
  • 🔛 Excitement
  • 🔛 Broadcast
  • 🔛 On!
  • 🔛 Going Live
  • 🔛 Live
  • 🔛 On Air
  • 🔛 Equally Excited/Up For it