13 Ways of Containing An Element of the Earth – Water

An attempt to explain how tiny drops of water make an ocean.

It’s terrifyingly fascinating how powerful, subtle, destructive and constructive nature can be, all at the same time. If it’s sunny in one part of the world, there’s a storm elsewhere. If there are floods and loss of crops somewhere, there are no more than just barren lands otherwise.

The four elements of the earth comprise most of what we call “nature”. And our ability to contain these forces of nature is what has made life a lot more livable and lovable. But, that’s like containing a volcano. We may be successful most of the time, but sometimes, it’s bound to explode.

Anyhoo, we’ve been successful with water thus far. And here are a couple of emojis that reflect the ways we have “contained” water over the centuries, aka, water bodies.

Droplet Emoji

💧 Droplets

The phrase “too much is too bad” didn’t condense into the physical world out of thin air. It has a very close reference to all the elements of nature.

💧 for instance. A single drop of water means nothing. It’s negligible and invisible, almost. But, a consistent flow of these droplets may create a puddle and if this “flow” is endless, we’ll all drown. Not anytime soon, but anytime for sure.

Sweat Droplets Emoji

💦 Sweat Droplets

Sweat drops, water drops, splash, jizz, call it what you want, but they’re all based in and with water. None of it would exist without H2O.

💦 ranks second in the enlarging ways of containing water. Now, the source or the ‘container’ of this liquid could be the human body, a bottle of water, or even just a water balloon. It’s more than a single drop of water, nonetheless. It’s all good as long as it’s containable.

Snowflake Emoji

❄️ Snowflakes

A single snowflake is no big deal unless he/she is around you. But that teenie tiny snowflake has a gazillion water droplets in it. Thus making the “insignificant” snowflake a massive container of water.

Now, imagine each of these gazillion water droplets to be one of our acts of negligence towards nature, water to be precise. If it all comes together as it should and will, destruction, aka, the “end product” is invariable. And trust us, it won’t be as pretty as a snowflake.

Watermelon Emoji

🍉 Watermelons!

Although this section mentions watermelon, it works as an efficient synecdoche for all fruits. Every fruit contains water, and they’re one of the many naturally occurring “containers” of this element.

🍉 for instance consists of an awe-striking amount of water, more than 90 percent! And there are many other fruits that contain more water than the previous; like 🍓 Strawberries, 🍈 Melons, 🍑 Peaches, 🥒 Cucumbers, and 🍊 Oranges.

Person Standing Emoji

🧍 Humans!

Yep! Humans, along with every single form of life contain water, and we’re probably the only ones who suck at keeping these containers hydrated.

Sure, there are many species of animals and plants that don’t need water at all. Those are exceptions. Most life here on planet earth, the blue planet, needs water.

Shower Emoji

🚿 Shower and Washing

This category of containers; showers, 🛁 baths, 🚰 taps, 🪣 buckets, and other storage modes not only depends on the availability of water but on the indefinite use as well.

Greed begins where need ends and when it comes to showers, we’re all guilty of being greedy.

Anyhow, this only highlights our dire need to be a lot more aware of our usage of water. Because it’s not just water, it’s WATER, the one, and only water, and we can run out of it sooner or later.

Fountain Emoji

⛲ Fountains

Speak about dumb ways to waste water.

As wasteful as a long, steamy shower is, it can be excused. Because hey, you’re paying your water bills, and why not. After all, everyone’s doing it, isn’t it? What difference can YOU make in a world with billions?

Fountains, on the other hand, are absolutely unnecessary. Fountains in the water aspect are to meat in the food aspect. We just enjoy both for aesthetic reasons, taste, ambiance, royalty, etc., etc., but in reality, they’re redundant. Super redundant, actually.

Umbrella With Rain Drops Emoji

☔ Drizzle

A little drizzle is nothing compared to a lot of rain. This emoji refers to rainy weather and our attempts at shielding from it. Here, the ‘rain’ is another form of containing the element, water. The rain seen in this emoji is a lot less than what “rain” is actually capable of.

Cloud With Rain Emoji

🌧️ Rainy Cloud

Now, this bad boy contains a LOT of water compared to anything before. A rain cloud not just rains in one zone that’s as small as a house, but as large as a locality at least. That’s a lot of rain and a lot of water.

Beach With Umbrella Emoji

🏖️ Beaches

The majority of us love the beach. We love water. It may scare us to our guts but we love it. A life without a beach vacay is a sad one.

Beaches are water bodies that are a lot smaller than oceans and seas but don’t they all belong to the same thing, water. No divisions (beaches don’t divide a water body, they’re just mere boundaries), no labels, no water bodies, all is just one huge ass 🌊 water body.

Ship Emoji

🛳️ The Seas

The ⛵ oceans, the 🛥️ seas, ⛴️ lakes, 🛶 rivers, 🦆 puddles, all of these are descending in the order of the amount of water they can hold. Contradictory to this list.

The ocean is the biggest container of the element. It’s also the strongest. Think about it. Have you ever come across news of a puddle flooding a city? Or a shower gone wild that drowned people? None.

An ocean can. And it’s our job not to piss the ocean off.

Diving Mask Emoji

🤿 Staying on Water’s Good Side

If we’re on the good side of water, we get to 🐠 experience it. Explore, enjoy and relish the joys of being alive.

Diving, 🏄 Surfing, 🏊‍♀️ Swimming, and other 🤽‍♀️ Water Sports are some of the positive outcomes of caring for the seas.

These outcomes are in the absence of human waste, all forms of it. Also. Water doesn’t smell like chlorine. It’s odorless, remember? That “chlorine smell” is just the fantastic amalgamation of urine with chlorine 🙂.

Cyclone Emoji

🌀 Staying on Water’s Bad Side

🌀 is an “umbrella term/symbol” for all natural calamities related to water. That includes floods, tsunamis, cyclones, hurricanes, etc.

Natural disasters have always existed. But. They all stay within and happen within measure, the earth’s measure. Shit happens when we mess with these “natural measures”.

Accepting that global warming is inevitable is like accepting Thanos to be inevitable. They all say that they are, but in truth, they aren’t. And they can be stopped with the right steps forward.

Don’t we all love our earth 3000? It’s the reason we’re alive, for god’s sake! Sure, our parents are the gateway, but they wouldn’t have been able to have us if we had a shitty earth.

Water is no less equivalent to life. Without water, there is and will be no life. Think about Game of Thrones for instance. The real fight is life against death, not life against life.

Our wars pitted between countries, “classes”, races, genders, sexes, religions, species, and all the hundreds of thousands of ways we’ve found to fragment our existence means nothing. All of it is absolutely useless and meaningless.

Winning wars don’t make us hopeful. Valar Morghulis. But saving the earth makes us hopeful. That doesn’t mean we’re hopeful of being immortal (don’t get greedy), but we’re hopeful of living through our generations for much longer than the current expectancy.

We could contain water in any way we want. We’re technologically super-advanced and containing an element of the earth/universe is no big deal to us at the current moment. But, the bigger and biggest truth is, water, this “element of the earth/universe” can contain all of us.

So, it’s better to be safe than sorry. In fact, you wouldn’t be alive to say you’re sorry even if you are, when the earth has had enough.