🍓 Strawberry


Tang, Sweetness, Sour, Textured Covering, Purity, Femininity, Sensuality, Passion

🍓 Meaning: A deep-red fruit shaped in a rounded oval shape with a tapering bottom and a wide top. The fruit has tiny yellow spots, creating a grainy texture and a green stalk with tiny leaves at the top.

The 🍓 Strawberry emoji suggests a sweet and soury acidic taste. Historically, the fruit is said to have signified purity, righteousness, perfection, and passion. Moreover, stereotypically speaking, strawberry flavors also refer to femininity and ‘being girly’ coz they’re pink (ugh).

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How and When to Use the 🍓 Strawberry Emoji

  • Use 🍓 while sharing pictures or informative textual content about any product that has a lavish strawberry flavor and aroma; like a strawberry flavored/colored chapstick, lip color, blush, clothes, hair color, etc.
  • If you have a strawberry farm and you’re posting pictures of it or even pictures of the strawberry harvest, you can use 🍓 in such contexts. This can be done even while sharing the same via direct message (DM).
  • Strawberry prints are highly prevalent among feminine products, especially for little girls. So, if you and your little one bought a pair of some super cute strawberry printed shoes or socks, that you’re flaunting on social media, then you can use 🍓 in those captions.
  • Strawberries also have a sense of sensuality attached to them. The next time you share something seductive that has a tint of pink or red in it, you can use 🍓 either in such captions or within text messages too.
  • Use 🍓 in the captions while posting pictures, videos, or even recipes of strawberry-based food; strawberry shortcakes, strawberry smoothie, ice cream, etc.

Other Names

  • 🍓 Garden Strawberry
  • 🍓 Strawberry Shortcake
  • 🍓 Strawberry Print
  • 🍓 Strawberry Flavor
  • 🍓 Pineberry
  • 🍓 Strasberry
  • 🍓 Senga Sengana