🛥️ Motorboat


Speedboat, Engine-Powered Boat, Fast and Smooth Water Travel, Recreation, Vacation

🛥️ Meaning: The side profile of a motorboat with a broad hull, visible front deck, the gunwale, and an enclosed cockpit. The 🛥️ Motorboat emoji is very similar to the speedboat in terms of function. It suggests fast and smooth movement on water, in a recreational and professional sense.

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How and When to Use the 🛥️ Motorboat Emoji

  • If you took a motorboat ride on a vacation, either as part of a leisurely schedule or a waterway, you can use 🛥️ while sharing those memories and experiences on social media.
  • Use 🛥️ while posting or reposting videos, pictures, news posts, or even funny content such as memes and fails, all related to motorboating.
  • 🛥️ could also be used to represent a jet ski. So, baring that use case in mind, this emoji can be used in any jet ski, jet skiing, and jet skier contexts.
  • If you love motorboating (as a pro or not), you can use 🛥️ in your social media profile name.

Other Names

  • 🛥️ Speedboat
  • 🛥️ Powerboat
  • 🛥️ Motor Boat
  • 🛥️ Engine-Powered Boat
  • 🛥️ Power Boat
  • 🛥️ Jet Ski
  • 🛥️ Motorboat Racing
  • 🛥️ Cruising