🚰 Potable Water


Hygiene, Clean Water, Consumable Water, Tap Beer, Tap Water, Hydration, Drinkability

🚰 Meaning: A grey garden tap with a handle connected to a round spindle below it that continues into the body and further the outlet with a thick rim. Below this tap is a glass of water that seems to be half full.

The 🚰 Potable Water emoji represents the availability of drinking water or an indication that a particular source of water is drinkable. It could also refer to other consumable liquids that flow out of a tap, such as tap beer.

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How and When to Use the 🚰 Potable Water Emoji

  • Since 🚰 represents drinkable water or any other beverage, it could be used to signify hygiene as well. So, if you’re indicating hygiene and cleanliness in any context, you may use this emoji. For instance, “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live in 🚰”.
  • 🚰 could be used in a philosophical framework as well. Like, “I always believe the glass to be half full 🚰”.
  • Speaking of a glass ‘half full’, 🚰 may also be an indication of ‘filling’ up a glass or any other vessel. For example, “Fill your cup with nothing but positive energy 🚰” or “You cannot pour from an empty cup 🚰”.
  • While suggesting that a virtually announced event would contain drinking water or alcohol, use 🚰 – “Tap beers and happy hours all day! 🚰” or “Replenish yourself with our tap beer and tap water! 🚰”.

Other Names

  • 🚰 Tap Water
  • 🚰 Drinking-Water
  • 🚰 Drinkable Water
  • 🚰 Consumable Water
  • 🚰 Tap Beer
  • 🚰 Beer on Tap
  • 🚰 Thirst
  • 🚰 Faucet
  • 🚰 Thirsty
  • 🚰 Water Tap
  • 🚰 Potable Water Symbol