10 Out-of-the-Box Emojis to Use This Father’s Day

Cause dads are the most out-of-the-box people, sometimes 💎

It’s June! And it’s raining celebrations! From Pride Month to Men’s Health Awareness, June is a time of love, acceptance, understanding, and appreciation. The third Sunday of each June is observed as Father’s Day throughout the world. Dads are acknowledged and most importantly, honored and celebrated on this day in most parts of the world. Sometimes with full-fledged events, day outs, celebrations, parties, and get-togethers.

Well, that used to be the case until 2020 happened.

The pandemic (2020, Coronavirus aka COVID-19, in case you’re reading this in the future) kept individuals from each other. Many children were forced to settle down away from their parents until the coast was clear. And in some parts of the world, this continue(d)s beyond 2020.

But, there’s good news.

There always is, in the 21st century. Because here, when all fails, we have the internet. You could convey the same love on Father’s Day, virtually. And if that Happy father’s day call couldn’t happen, here are the emojis that can help show daddy dearest how much he means to you.

Man Superhero Emoji

🦸‍♂️ Superhero

For many kids across the world, dad’s the first hero and the first Superman they were ever introduced to and hence the first superman they’ve known all their lives. He’s the biggest supporter and protector. Everything’s subjective, of course. But we’re talking generally here.

So, if your father is your superhero, then 🦸‍♂️ is a powerful emoji you could send along with that heartfelt message.

⊛ Man Feeding Baby Emoji

👨‍🍼 Father Feeding His Child

Not all fathers were terrible. Some were absolute angels who were always there for their little ones and this emoji 👨‍🍼 is dedicated to all those dads.

If your dad was always there for you, caring, nurturing, feeding, and doing everything just to see you happy and in a better place, then this emoji is a sweet one to use while wishing him a Very Happy Father’s Day. It also reminds daddy of all those tender moments when you were a baby. You could send it with photos too!

Man Lifting Weights Emoji

🏋️‍♂️ Strong As Hell

If daddy taught you to be the strongest, the fiercest, and the baddest baddie of all, then you could use 🏋️‍♂️ while texting him for father’s day and acknowledging all that he has done and still does for you. You could also use the 💪 Biceps separately or with the weights to express the same message.

Remember, the context needn’t always be a text message, you could also use each of the emojis on this list while sharing pictures and/or videos with your dad.

Man Juggling Emoji

🤹‍♂️ Juggling

It’s not only the mums who are great multi-taskers, some dads are super dads this way. If your father is someone who juggles or juggled many things at the same time, managing to pull each one off without losing focus and determination on any, while keeping you at the center of everything, then 🤹‍♂️ is a sweet emoji to appreciate all that effort, in a quirky way.

Footprints Emoji

👣 Walking in His Shoes

If dad’s the biggest inspiration and role model, such that you’re learning to walk in daddy’s shoes or you’re starting to master the art, then guess what, 👣 is an adorable emoji to show your father how much you look up to him. If you want to use shoes instead of feet, then you could replace this emoji with the 👞 Shoe.

Besides, 👣 can also symbolize your first footprints. It could also be a pair composed of yours and your father’s foot. 👣 can also be a symbol of the journey together, a reminiscence of your baby steps, or anything that you deeply cherish about your relationship with dad. However, they must be relatable to the feet.

Front Facing Baby Chick Emoji

🐥 Lots and Lots of Hugs

There are a couple of “hugging emojis”, but we picked 🐥 as the cutest of the lot. There is the 🤗 Hugging Face, 🫂 People Hugging (for the awkward relationship), and 🫂 Teddy if you want to be extra cute. Hugs are the ideal way of wishing a parent on a special day and these emojis are just perf.

Sunflower Emoji

🌻 Flowers

If you’re not very particular about sharing memories via emojis, or if you’re just lazy to pick ’em out, you can send flowers. Like everyone else. Meh. Here are all the varieties you could choose from; 🌻 Sunflowers, 🌸 Cherry Blossoms, 🌷 Tulips, 🌺 Hibiscus, 🌼 Blossoms, 🌹 Rose, or a 💐 Bouquet.

Four Leaf Clover Emoji

🍀 For the Rare

Most children proudly talk of how unique their parent is. We’ll just focus on the dad here. Just how precious a child is to the father, the father too is that much rare and special to the child. So, you could spiral up the occasion and convey how special your father is either through a text message or a social media post with 🍀.

Gem Stone Emoji

💎 A Real Gem

If dad’s a real gem of a dad, then you must include 💎 in your father’s day message. This emoji resonates with the precious, treasurable, and absolutely blessing presence of your father in your life. And when this is the case, you gotta make it a massive celebration! Especially on father’s day!

World Map Emoji

🗺️ Dad’s the World

If your father means the world to you, take the moment this Father’s Day to tell him that (especially if you’re the spoilt or awkward child who tells people what you feel only on occasions).

The reason we used the world map instead of a globe is to stay general because the globe emojis are specified.

If dad’s your whole wide world, then 🗺️ would be the ideal emoji. However, if you still want to use the globe emoji, then you can use it based on your location – 🌏 Asia and Australia, 🌍 Europe and Africa, 🌎 Americas. Or, you can apply the 🌐 Globe With Meridians to interpret universality.

All the emojis on this list are niche for sure. Generally, users don’t really take the time to send meaningful emojis. The potential of thousands os emojis is reduced to mediocre symbols like the ❤️ Red Heart, 🥰 Face With Hearts, 😘 Kisses, etc. But truly speaking, emojis do play their part in virtual communication and can make their own kind of impact.

So, this father’s day, we hope you choose emojis that are as personalized and wonderful as your relationship with your dad.

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