🛳️ Passenger Ship


Water Transport, Cruise Ship, Cruise Party, Voyage, Shipping, Titanic

🛳️ Meaning: The profile description of a ship with a large hull, a forward with a deck behind it, a funnel on top, and an accommodation bridge with a couple of windows at the back of the vessel.

The 🛳️ Passenger Ship emoji represents a large vessel that is used to transport people at a limited capacity. Apart from suggesting water travel, this emoji can also suggest a cruise ship, a cruise party, etc.

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How and When to Use the 🛳️ Passenger Ship Emoji

  • 🛳️ can be used in the frameworks of ‘shipped’, ‘ship’, ‘shipping’. For instance, “I don’t care what you say. I’m SO shipping those two 🛳️”, or “Awww. Such a cute picture! I totally ship you guys🛳️”.
  • A ship evokes a sense of adventure and going beyond boundaries (especially if someone has the fear of sea travel, water, etc). So, if a ship personally means something much more than what it is to you, use 🛳️ – “It was all water until I saw that they too, were made of waves 🛳️”.
  • You can also use 🛳️ to refer to any mode of water transport that looks like a passenger ship; ferry, ferryboat, cruise ship, etc.
  • Use 🛳️ while sharing news posts, educational posts, or even funny content and memes about passenger ships, including Titanic.
  • If you’re sharing deets about a cruise party, ensure to have 🛳️ in that context.

Other Names

  • 🛳️ Cruise Ship
  • 🛳️ Ferry
  • 🛳️ Ship
  • 🛳️ Large Ship
  • 🛳️ Passenger-Cargo Ship
  • 🛳️ Water Travel
  • 🛳️ Titanic
  • 🛳️ Tragetto