⛵ Sailboat


Sailing, Sail Through, Sailor, Seas, Boating, Yacht, Watercraft, Catamaran

Meaning: A brown hull (sometimes shown on water) with a black pole in between, that has a pair of masts; one large and the other smaller, tied to it towards its top half.

The ⛵ Sailboat emoji represents the basic mode of water transportation. This emoji can also have other interpretations based on its name ‘sail’boat, it can signify the literal and metaphorical meaning of sailing.

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How and When to Use the ⛵ Sailboat Emoji

  • Another fantastic way of responding to small talk about life is ⛵. For example, “Going on, man. Just sailing through all of it ⛵”.
  • In the same framework, you could also use ⛵ as a way to denote the bright side in an otherwise negative or rough context – “It’s a phase of rough seas. Gotta sail through it ⛵”.
  • You could also use ⛵ to refer to the sailor. For instance, if your picture caption has the word ‘sailor’ in it or resonates with the qualities and characteristics of a sailor, you can use ⛵. Like, A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor ⛵”.
  • If you’re posting or reposting pictures or videos of going boating, you can use ⛵. Similarly, this emoji can also be used in the contexts of ‘fishing’, ‘fisherman’, ‘harbor’, ‘port’, etc.
  • ⛵ can also be used to support a ‘yacht’ in any framework.

Other Names

  • ⛵ Boat
  • ⛵ Sailing
  • ⛵ Sailing Boat
  • ⛵ Boating
  • ⛵ Sailor
  • ⛵ Yacht
  • ⛵ Catamaran
  • ⛵ Craft
  • ⛵ Schooner