🪣 Bucket


Fetching, Container, Bathroom, Watertight, Die, Measurement Unit, Ice Bucket

🪣 Meaning: An averagely tall and wide, blue bucket with an open mouth that tapers towards the bottom, held together with a semi-circular metal handle connected to both sides of the bucket.

The 🪣 Bucket emoji represents fetching water, bathroom usage, and a unit of domestic storage. However, this emoji has quite a lot of interesting metaphorical and phrasal use cases too, read on to know what those are!

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How and When to Use the 🪣 Bucket Emoji

  • If you’re continuing the “ice bucket challenge” in some part of the world bringing back the rage, or reposting that nostalgic phase on social media, make sure to use 🪣 in the caption.
  • If you’re texting someone about somebody else’s death; real or fictional, you can use 🪣 as a way of saying he/she kicked the bucket. For example, “Don’t drool too much over this character. He kicks the bucket way early in the season 🪣 Whoops! Spoiler alert, haha”
  • You could use 🪣 in the framework of ‘fetching’ something too. For instance, “Hey, just fetch me some candy on the way back, please? 🪣”.
  • ‘A bucketful’ suggests the quantity of something. So, if you’re implying to large quantities, you can use 🪣 – “Man. I’m full AF. Just downed a bucket full of beer 🪣”.
  • In some strange way, you can use 🪣 to refer to a “bucket list” too.

Other Names

  • 🪣 Pail
  • 🪣 Scuttle
  • 🪣 Vessel
  • 🪣 Container
  • 🪣 Tub
  • 🪣 Bucketful
  • 🪣 Pitcher
  • 🪣 Vertical Container
  • 🪣 Open-Top Container

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