⛲ Fountain


Abundance, Overflowing, Flowing, Spring, Natural Fountain, Thirst, Intense Emotion

Meaning: A concrete fountain with a wide basin at the bottom filling with water that is springing out of a spout placed at the center of the upper basin that is similar to the former in design, just a little smaller.

The ⛲ Fountain emoji signifies a sense of abundance. It can have both implicit and explicit interpretations depending on the context. This emoji can also suggest the intensity of an emotion that requires tears too.

Copy and paste this emoji:

How and When to Use the ⛲ Fountain Emoji

  • If your best friend or anybody else who’s texting you is complaining about how ruthlessly scorching the weather is and you don’t exactly know how to respond to small talk, you can send ⛲ as a way of saying, “Here. A virtual way to shut you up ⛲”.
  • A fountain can also be used to signify the intensity of something, tears mostly. Like, “Geez. That show was terrible! I was an emotional mess for a week! ⛲”.
  • In a sexual framework, ⛲ can be used to show that you’re aroused; thirsty. Keeping the same use case in mind, you can use ⛲ while responding to similar frameworks or even while commenting on such posts.
  • ⛲ can also be used to represent natural fountains; aka waterfalls.
  • If you’re on the way to watch a fountain show or you’re just heading out with your fam to a fun place full of fountains, and you’re posting about the same on your social media handle or texting someone else about it, you can use ⛲ in those contexts.

Other Names

  • ⛲ Spring
  • ⛲ Water Fountain
  • ⛲ Natural Fountain
  • ⛲ Geyser
  • ⛲ Reservoir
  • ⛲ Stream
  • ⛲ Spout
  • ⛲ Wellspring