🚿 Shower


Cleansing, Showering, Bathing, Gardening, Watering, Growth, Bathroom

🚿 Meaning: A right-facing metal showerhead shown with a fraction of the pipe connected at the back, while gushing out straight lines of what seems to be, blue water.

The 🚿 Shower emoji represents a bath and the act of bathing, showering. This emoji symbolizes cleansing, refreshment, purification, and relaxation too! Especially those long Saturday night showers.

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How and When to Use the 🚿 Shower Emoji

  • If you’re someone who cannot stand disgusting content in general or that of a specific subject, you can respond with 🚿 as a way of saying “I need a shower after watching that 🚿”.
  • Use 🚿 to indicate purification in any context. Like, “Sir. Please do purify your mind, your body is secondary 🚿” or “I need some deep cleansing for my dark soul 🚿 JK. I don’t have one. Jk jk”.
  • Apart from the cringe-worthy and uncomfortable shower selfies, 🚿 would come in handy especially for informative content about both human and animal showering and bathing. Like, “Here’s what you shouldn’t be doing while giving your dog a bath 🚿”.
  • 🚿 can represent a garden hose or a water pipe too. Hence, while sharing content on gardening and looking after one’s plants, use 🚿.
  • Speaking of gardening 🚿 can be used to talk about ‘watering’ one’s plants and oneself as well (aka, the literal and metaphorical). For instance, “HYDRATE YOURSELF, YOU BADASS 🚿”.

Other Names

  • 🚿 Shower Head
  • 🚿 Showering
  • 🚿 Bathing
  • 🚿 Bath
  • 🚿 Water Hose
  • 🚿 Garden Hose