🦆 Duck


Water Birds, Nature, Mallard, Drake, Swimming, Quacks, Farming, Agriculture

🦆 Meaning: A full profile of a duck with a dark shade of green spreading from the head to the neck, white and brown feathers covering the rest of the body, and a pair of yellow webbed feet and a beak.

The 🦆 Duck emoji refers to a Mallard. However, it can be used to suggest other species and breeds as well. It signifies nature, aviary, and a significant member of the waterfowl category. Besides, 🦆 can also refer to famous cartoon characters such as Donald Duck and Daffy Duck.

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How and When to Use the 🦆 Duck Emoji

  • If you’re reposting or retweeting a viral video or photo of a duck(s), use 🦆 in the caption.
  • Do you have ducks in your farm? Are you a duck lover? Or are you closely tied to these pretty birds through your occupation, home environment, ethnicity, etc? Then, you can use 🦆 in your social media profile name.
  • Use 🦆 in the caption while posting duck memes, fails, or even adorable and ‘ovaries exploding’ kind of content like a dog-duck relationship, etc.
  • You can also use 🦆 in the context of agriculture and animal husbandry. For instance, if yours is a social media page offering educative content on farming or exclusive information about ducks, you can use this emoji both in such post captions and in your social media profile name.
  • Also, a male duck is called a ‘drake’, yes a DRAKE. If you’re feeling particularly goofy today, and you’re sharing one of your favorite drake songs with someone through a direct message (DM) or as a social media story, don’t shy away from using 🦆 (haha).

Other Names

  • 🦆 Drake (Male duck. Had to top the list)
  • 🦆 Hen
  • 🦆 Mallard
  • 🦆 Daffy Duck
  • 🦆 Donald Duck
  • 🦆 Duck Sauce
  • 🦆 Waterfowl
  • 🦆 Dabbling Duck
  • 🦆 Puddle Duck

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