🛁 Bathtub


Bathing, Leisure, Luxury, Wealthy Bath, Bathroom, Hot Tub, Spa

🛁 Meaning: A white bathtub with two pairs of grey fixtures at the bottom, containing bubbles up to the rim and a couple of them floating away. The bathtub is further fixed with a shower on one side.

The 🛁 Bathtub emoji signifies bathing. But bathing in luxury (not everyone owns a bathtub). Apart from representing a typical bathtub, this emoji could also act as a synecdoche to the bathroom as a whole.

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How and When to Use the 🛁 Bathtub Emoji

  • Is there an alcoholic drink that you despise? Or are you looking for the perfect emoji to respond to a deathly drink? Here’s your solution! “Not to burst your bubble, but that tasted like bathtub gin 🛁”.
  • Quite similar to a hated drink, a person. Yep. You could use 🛁 even while referring to someone you just cannot stand. Like, “I’d rather be friends with a cougar than that bathtub scum! 🛁”.
  • Apart from some hateful idioms (all in good spirit, ofc), 🛁 could be used in positive connotations! For example, “Took this long bath and almost passed out in it for a bit 🛁”.
  • Given that there are bubbles in 🛁, use this emoji while referring to bubble baths as well! Besides, this emoji would even fit into frameworks that are just about bubbles too (there aren’t any other bubble emojis).
  • Bring 🛁 into contexts about bathrooms; luxurious bathing areas, bathroom essentials, bathroom interiors, etc.

Other Names

  • 🛁 Bath Tub
  • 🛁 White Bathtub
  • 🛁 Bubble Bath
  • 🛁 Bubbling Bath
  • 🛁 Bathing Tub
  • 🛁 Bathroom
  • 🛁 Bath
  • 🛁 Hot Tub
  • 🛁 Spa