🕳️ Hole


Golf Cup, Empty, Void, Black Hole, Man Hole, Space, Secretive, Bottomless

🕳️ Meaning: A 3D kind of a black hole in the ground. This emoji would vary in colour, design and finishing across different platforms. It can signify a golf cup, a black hole, a ditch in the ground, or just a void.

As the name suggests, the 🕳️ Hole emoji suggests a hole, but this can suggest more than just a hole. A gap, a bit of emptiness, vacancy, and even a bottomless pit may be some of the other suggestions.

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How and When to Use the 🕳️ Hole Emoji

  • Use 🕳️ in its obvious sense, of explaining about a mysterious hole in your house (relax, its just the rats).
  • 🕳️ can also be used to show vulnerability and goofiness at the same time (trust us, there’s a lot of deep talks that can come out of 🕳️ emoji).
  • Perfect for 3 AM texts when you’re opening up to someone you can finally trust and telling them about a void or emptiness in your life.
  • 🕳️ can also be used to signify the black hole. Use it while talking about space and stuff, you know, the sleepless 2 AM nights.
  • If you’re flaunting your first ace at the golf club, use 🕳️ emoji. You can also use 🕳️ emoji just while talking about golf, even if you didn’t play.

Other Names

  • 🕳️ Man Hole
  • 🕳️ Golf
  • 🕳️ Bottomless
  • 🕳️ Empty
  • 🕳️ Void
  • 🕳️ Secrets
  • 🕳️ Black Hole
  • 🕳️ Ditch
  • 🕳️ Golf Cup