◼️ Black Medium Square


Less Black, Lesser Intensity, Medium Black Cube, Black, Patch, Button

◼️ Meaning: A black square, similar to the ⬛ Black Large Square, but a one size smaller. The ◼️ Black Medium Square emoji is a variant of the black-square emojis. It represents a medium sized square and the capacity of the given area.

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How and When to Use the ◼️ Black Medium Square Emoji

  • If you’re referring to something that’s black, but less intense or containing less color, use ◼️. For example, “I used 4H shading the center ◼️ ✏️” or “I don’t think we’ll need a lot of black in the logo ◼️”.
  • Since ◼️ is part of the ascending or descending series of the black squares, it signifies somewhere in the middle. Hence, while applying this “middle” in any context, feel fear to use ◼️
  • Some instances for the previous point are – “You just started work. Wait, until you’re ready for the next level ◼️”, “It always felt like I was stuck at the middle with him ◼️ We never moved past it“.
  • If you’re sharing content; textual or visual, where black occupies prominence, but the subject is medium-sized, ◼️ could be part of the caption – it could be a pair of black ear studs, a black-studded ring, fashion statements, piercings, etc.

Other Names

  • ◼️ Medium Black Square
  • ◼️ Black Square
  • ◼️ Smaller Black Square
  • ◼️ Medium Black Cube
  • ◼️ Medium Black Patch
  • ◼️ Four-Sided Medium Black Solid