💣 Bomb


Explosive, Incredible, Mind Blowing, Amazing, Good Looking, Attractive, Explosion, Farts, Crackers

💣 Meaning: A black, cartoon version of a bomb, with a flaming plug on top. This emoji remains the same in color but can vary in overall design and finish across platforms.

Although the 💣 Bomb emoji would suggest the obvious; an explosive, it can have many other millennial references too. Looking great, living an awesome life, or even having a mind-blowing time are some of the experiences under the umbrella of the expression “Bomb”.

Copy and paste this emoji:

How and When to Use the 💣 Bomb Emoji

  • If you came across something mind blowing, send 💣 emoji as a reaction to it.
  • 💣 emoji can also be used to tell someone that they’re looking amazing (bomb = amazing).
  • You can use 💣 emoji as a reaction to something incredible that you witnessed.
  • If you’re trying to casually (and friendlily) gaslight an already heated conversation just because you’re bored, send in 💣 emoji.
  • You can also use 💣 emoji in its obvious context; while talking about an explosive situation, conversation or just an explosion.

Other Names

  • 💣 Awesome
  • 💣 Mind-Blowing
  • 💣 Incredible
  • 💣 Amazing
  • 💣 Great Looking
  • 💣 Attractive
  • 💣 Explosion
  • 💣 Farts
  • 💣 Gaslighting
  • 💣 Bombshell
  • 💣 Cracker