🔌 Electric Plug


Electricity, Power, Transfer, Charging, Connection, Enabling, Disabling, Outlet

🔌 Meaning: A black plug with a pair of thick golden sticks that enable electricity transfer. It is also shown with the lower border of the plug that precedes the cable or electric wire.

The 🔌 Electric Plug emoji represents the act of charging, recharging, or just powering an electrical appliance or gadget. Essentially, this emoji signifies energy transfer which can be translated to any medium; electricity, spirituality, pretty much anything.

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How and When to Use the 🔌 Electric Plug Emoji

  • A plug either enables or disables something. So, if you’re talking about either of these aspects in any context, use 🔌. For example, “It’s a good idea to enable some life into this dying project 🔌” or “Could we please pull the plug on this worthless idea?” (irony much?).
  • ‘Plugging in’ is a way of connecting to something or someone. In that same perspective, you can use 🔌 – “If you wish to grow in any particular direction you must first plug into the basic foundation required for it 🔌” or “Connect yourself with yourself first🔌”.
  • If your bestie’s feeling down while she/he needs to pumped up or ‘charged’ enough for a particular scenario, conversation, or person, you can use 🔌. For example, “Just this one conversation and that’s it. Come on, dude. You can do this! You’ve got to! 🔌”.
  • Similarly, you could use 🔌 while sharing social media posts or stories about how you personally power yourself – “A peaceful hour to myself in the morning always powers me enough to take on the day 🔌”.

Other Names

  • 🔌 Plug
  • 🔌 Charging Plug
  • 🔌 AC Adaptor
  • 🔌 Power Cable
  • 🔌 Power Plug
  • 🔌 Electric Outlet
  • 🔌 Outlet
  • 🔌 Wall Socket