🏴 Black Flag


Anarchy, Anarchist Flag Mourning, Death, Loss, Half-Mast, Dark Flag

🏴 Meaning: A waving rectangular black flag stitched onto a flag pole to its left. The 🏴 Black Flag emoji could signify mourning, death, loss, and a sense of anarchy, as it falls as the symbolic anarchist flag too.

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How and When to Use the 🏴 Black Flag Emoji

  • If you’re sharing something that’s sad; a mourning news post, a post on grief, a RIP repost, or even a caption surrounding any of these themes, you can tag along the 🏴.
  • Generally, if there’s a thick amount of black in a post/repost, like a black background, a gothic post, a dark picture, a dark quote, anything, 🏴 can be part of the caption.
  • If you wish to take the ‘anarchist’ angle to 🏴 forward, then feel free to use this emoji while referring to anything that lacks authority or is not under an authoritative figure; be it a government or a person.
  • The absence of authority in any form may be a source of individualization and chaos at the same time. Hence, while using such themes, welcome the 🏴.

Other Names

  • 🏴 Mourning Flag
  • 🏴 RIP
  • 🏴 Anarchist Flag
  • 🏴 Waving Black Flag
  • 🏴 Black Flag With Flag Post