⬛ Black Large Square


Opacity, Mystery, Secret, Hidden, Black Box, Reflective, Unknown, Safeguard

Meaning: A glossy black square with a black outline. The ⬛ Black Square emoji could symbolize opaqueness, darkness, mystery, and an overall air of the unknown, apart from direct reference to the color itself.

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How and When to Use the ⬛ Black Large Square Emoji

  • Anything gothic has a pronounced shade of black, as a shade of signature style. If you’re posting or reposting pictures of gothic fashion, architecture, makeup, themes, etc., you can use ⬛ in those captions.
  • Based on the gothic interpretation, you could use ⬛ in the contexts of darkness, mystery, and horror. For example, “Say what you want, but I stick to black for Halloween ⬛” or “Stay a mystery ⬛”.
  • Contemporarily, ⬛ occupies various interpretations based on the situation. One such contemporary use-case is on Instagram, and this emoji signifies a protest against racial inequality. In such cases, ⬛ would hold a vital significance.
  • In the framework of opaqueness, you may use ⬛ to refer to the phenomena in literal and figurative scenarios. Like, “I’m not see-through ⬛” or “Things are opaque to us, and we are opaque to ourselves ⬛”.
  • ⬛ would be the perfect emoji for a black box – mechanically, engineeringly, or even metaphorically in any textual format.

Other Names

  • ⬛ Glossy Black Square
  • ⬛ Large Black Square
  • ⬛ Black Square
  • ⬛ Black
  • ⬛ Black Box
  • ⬛ Black Block
  • ⬛ Opacity