◾ Black Medium-Small Square


Smaller, Lesser, Dot, Dotted Line, Dark, Black, Void, Color Code

Meaning: A glossy black square, one size smaller than the ◼️ Black Medium Square, and twice smaller than the ⬛ Black Large Square. The ◾ Black Medium-Small Square is a compressed version of the mentioned emojis, hence symbolizing lesser than them too.

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How and When to Use the ◾ Black Medium-Small Square Emoji

  • Black is generally associated with themes such as darkness, voids, etc. So, the less amount of black and the smaller stature of ◾ could indicate less darkness. For instance, “No matter how bright it is, there would always be dark corners ◾” or “A little shadow never harms ◾”.
  • A series of ◾ (◾◾◾◾◾◾) appears as a dotted line (with squared dots). Hence, you may apply this emoji for aesthetic or decorative purposes in post captions, social media profiles, or even in text messages.
  • Reflecting on the first point, you may introduce ◾ even while indicating that there’s less black used in the post or repost you’re sharing (like a colour code).

Other Names

  • ◾ Smaller Black Square
  • ◾ Black Squared Dot
  • ◾ Black Color
  • ◾ Black Square
  • ◾ Medium Small Black Square