🖤 Black Heart


Soulfulness, Mystery, Depth, Intimacy, Love, Relationship, Strength, Seduction, Authentic

🖤 Meaning: A black symbol of a heart. This emoji stays black across all platforms, but there can be some variance in design and finishing. It represents a sense of wholeness, depth, and being enigmatic.

Although the 🖤 Black Heart can seem ‘unlucky’, ‘dark’, and all the other prejudices stuck to the color, it can also signify beauty, soulfulness, intimacy, uniqueness, seduction, and power too.

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How and When to Use the 🖤 Black Heart Emoji

  • Send this emoji while telling someone really close that you love them (preferably not romantic, but super close).
  • It can be used to respond to aesthetic stuff you see on social media.
  • Use this emoji while telling someone about something black and beautiful that you bought.
  • It is also a great emoji choice to use in the context of strength, power, and being low-key badass.
  • Use this emoji while reacting to someone or something that’s tough, intimidating, and impressive too.

Other Names

  • 🖤 Love
  • 🖤 Soulfulness
  • 🖤 Depth
  • 🖤 Mystery
  • 🖤 Soul Mate
  • 🖤 Beauty
  • 🖤 Seduction
  • 🖤 Aesthetic

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